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A note from the owner…

I know that you are trying your best to take care of your skin. Sure, you can cover it with make up, but it won’t solve the problem, rather post pone it.

Facial scrubs, masks, toners and moisturizers – you probably have a big selection of them. But are you sure you are using them right? Are they suitable for your skin type and, most of all, do you know what skin type do you really have?

Moreover, pollution, poor diet, sun, medications, aging – it all affects your skin. Well, I cannot do much about them, but what I can do, is help protect your skin and your body against these harsh factors, and minimize their effects.

My best and carefully chosen aestheticians are here for you. The wide selection of facial treatments, ranging from basic European Facial to those mechanically enhanced, like Photo-Therapy and Microdermabrasion, together with professional staff have been available at Grace’s Day Spa since the mid 1990s!

Grazyna Glinska

Grace can give you a Scar-Free facelift -
with the newest technology  (Titan)

Grace's Day Spa

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